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      Schools ask voters to help pay for new technology and security improvements

      T wo Chippewa County school districts are asking the public for money with new millages.

      Both Rudyard and Sault Area Schools Superintendents are seeking additional funding to make their districts competitive.

      S uperintendent Mark Pavloski says years of put off maintenance is starting to take it's toll at Rudyard Area Schools.

      "In t he main body of the building , nothing has been done since the 60s ," Pavloski said.

      W hen you walk through the building you can see buckets hanging from the ceiling , gathering water from the leaking roof.

      "T he roof is not getting better , it's still going to have leaks the windows are going to quit sucking warm air out and cold air in those things need to be done ," Pavloski said.

      T hat's why this district is asking for a $3.75 million bond.

      T hat would help fix these issues, fund new technology for students, and help purchase new buses.

      F or the owner of a $100,000 home, the bond would cost more than $140 dollars a year for 12 years.

      A t Sault Area Schools, educators are asking for a $9 million bond. That bond would cost the owner of a home worth $100,000 around $70 dollars a year for 12 years.

      P art of that money would be used for technology in the classroom , but most of the funding will be put towards district wide security improvements.

      "W e want to put buzz ers in all the buildings , redo a couple of offices , re- locate a couple of offices so that we have eyes on people that are coming into the buildings," Dr. Tim Hall, Sault Area Schools Superintendent said.

      F or both bond issues , the amount each taxpayer has to pay is based off of how many homes are in the school district.