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      Scraping away an April ice storm

      Mother Nature hit us hard with an icy rain mixture the last 24 hours, causing problems all over Northern Michigan.

      Ice covered cars, signs, power lines and trees could be seen on Friday in many areas in the region, and not very many people were happy about it.

      "I found three layers out here," said Roger Fox, a Traverse City resident. "I found a crusty snow layer, had freezing rain on top, and there's another layer of just snow and a bottom layer is freezing rain."

      "This morning I've been scraping for 45 minutes," said John Mueller, a Traverse City resident. "And I scraped and shoveled yesterday also for about two hours yesterday!"

      Despite the freezing conditions, people were out Friday morning, shoveling side walks, walking their dogs, and working out. All dealing with the ice.

      "It's not bad," said Sharon Hodge. "It's slushy but it's not slippery. They've plowed the roads so you just have to be careful in certain areas. But it's not bad."

      The heavy ice did cause problems for some. Trees fell in unwanted areas, and power lines were hanging significantly low.

      Regardless of Mother Nature's surprise for Northern Michigan, one thing is clear, people are ready for Spring to stay.

      "I had my grass seed and my lawn fertilizer in the garage," said Mueller. "It's been in there for two or three weeks now. And my tomato plants are in the house."