Senior citizens compete in ''Wii'' bowling tournament

Seniors from all over northern Michigan came together Wednesday to do a little bowling - but there were no actual bowling balls involved.

That's because Wednesday morning was the senior "Wii" bowling tournament in Grawn.

Wednesday morning over eighty players from six counties met at Incredible Mo's to compete for prizes. Some drove over an hour to participate.

The bowlers broke up into ten teams playing in five "lanes" - five different tv screens with chairs set up in rows.

Organizers say this is a fun, social way for seniors to get to know each other.

"These people have forged relationships over the last five years that we've done this - and this may be the only time that they get to see those people," stated Ericca Hovie, the Traverse City Senior Center Program Coordinator. "So it's a lot of hugs, how you doing, have you been practicing - there's a little smack talk going on. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of different people with a lot of different abilities coming together for one fun afternoon."

There will be another bowling tournament in October. To start playing just call the senior center in your area.