Sheriff asks voters for deputy in every school

The Chippewa County Sheriff is asking voters to pass a mill that would put deputies in schools to keep students safe.

A northern Michigan Sheriff is asking voters to pass a mill that would put deputies in schools to keep students safe.

The issue will appear on the November ballot in Chippewa County.

"There is never too much security when it comes to our children," Sheriff Robert Savoie said.

It's a philosophy that Sheriff Savoie hopes resonates with voters. For the better part of the last decade, he has been holding on to the idea of putting deputies into schools.

But in the light of recent tragedies around the country, he and area superintendents believe this is the time to move forward with the idea.

"With the situation in the world today, it's necessary to have that additional security of somebody here that is able to provide to our students that safety and security," Anthony Habra, Rudyard Schools Superintendent said.

The Sheriff is proposing a .55 mill. Which means residents with a $100,000 home will pay $27.50 each year.

If passed the program would be around for the next six years.

"It provides a nice opportunity for students to build a more positive relationship with law enforcement," Dr. Tim Hall, Sault Ste. Marie Schools Superintendent said.


he five officers would rotate between 17 different school buildings in the county. Chippewa County and many other northern Michigan sheriff's departments used to have school liaison deputies, but were forced to drop the programs due to budget cuts.


I believe that if we can reach out and help a student in third of fourth or fifth grade maybe ten years from now they won't be in my jail," Sheriff Savoie said.


he officers would also help kids with social issues like anti-bullying and drug abuse

and would also be available for emergencies in nearby communities.


I'm not really looking for a hammer so much as much as I am looking for somebody to help build the capacity to help students make choices in their lives

," Habra said.