Sheriff's department receives big gift from taxpayers

The Montmorency County Sheriff's department is doubling its police force, thanks to a local mileage passed by taxpayers in the fall.
This month the department has added five deputies and it won't be long until they are on the road looking to cut down crime in the county.

â??We didn't have enough officers to have 24-hour surveillance so this will make sure someone's out 24 hours a day now,â?? County Board Chair Gene Thornton said.

In addition to expanded hours, each township will now have a special officer assigned to them. Which is exactly what residents and business owners were looking for when they approved the law enforcement mileage.

â??We aren't open 24 hours, but we are here so it is good to have the immediate response if something were to happen during the hours we are not here,â?? Freddie's Market Manager Caleb Neff explained.

Stores like Freddie's in Atlanta are just one of many businesses that will feel safer with more deputies on patrol. And County Commissioners look to see crime rates drop with the additional help.

â??Putting more officers on the road has got to help the area. We have a lot of break-ins and stuff like that with people gone in the wintertime so it should help a lot in those situations,â?? Thornton said.

All five of the new deputies have already been hired and they will begin at the end of the month.