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      Sheriffs discuss liability and disasters at conference

      S heriffs from around the state gathered to talk about issues that are effecting their departments , including those right here in northern Michigan.

      La w enforcement officials from 83 departments attended the Michigan Sheriffs' Association Conference at Shanty Creek Resort in Antrim County.

      " Primarily it's t o bring them up to snuff on what's going on legislatively , bring them up-to-date on investigative techniques , home l and security issues , liability for jails en route patrol and expose them to the new technologies," Conference Executive Director Terrence Jungel said.

      T he conversations that happen at this conference usually help shape the way our local law enforcement works. T his year , that trend didn't stop.

      " We're learning whether or not we want to adapt to these policies to our jail or not and whether it's appropriate or not ," Charlevoix County Sheriff Don Schneider explained.

      T his year , sheriffs' departments that operate jails are required to develop guidelines that follow the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

      L aw enforcement officials talked about the best way to keep inmates safe , but at the same time how to create policies that protect the depar t ment from being sued in the event of an incident.

      " It's an opportunity for the sheriffs to interact with other sheriffs talk about some of the best practices and policies they may have or have implemented in their department ," Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley said.