Shop & support your favorite non-profit

Businesses throughout downtown Traverse City are joining together to raise money for local non-profits.

Next Saturday (November 10th) is "Shop Your Community Day."

Organizers say this will be the biggest year yet for the event, with forty-nine stores and fifty-nine non-profits.

15% of every sale will be donated to the non-profit of the customer's choosing. When you check out, there will be papers next to the register, and you simply check the box next to the non-profit you'd like the donation to go to.

Rob Bacigalupi, the Director of the Downtown Development Authority in TC, stated, "It's a great way for folks to shop downtown and also get money to their local charity. It's great for the customers, it's also nice for the merchants. The merchants all contribute a lot to the community over the year, but this is one time of the year when it's really focused and the day is all about contributing to non-profits."

If you're headed out shopping, look for the stores that have balloons out front.

A list of all of the stores and non-profits involved is available here: