Short's Brewing Company is expanding

Beer lovers have something to celebrate - Short's Brewing Company has announced plans to expand!

To meet the demands of their growing operation, the brewpub will move into the two storefronts next door.

The pharmacy currently there, Bellaire Pharmacy, will move across the street into a vacant building. The plan is to restore the buildings.

Short's will almost double their square footage - they'll have a kitchen four times the size of the old one, a merchandise store, more bathrooms, and more tables. Owners say they are excited to expand, and think the updated service model will offer better customer service.

"Especially in the summertime it's hard to get a seat, so I think people are looking forward to a little bit of change, a little bit more efficiency, a little bit more space, few fewer lines/not to wait," said Joe Short, the CEO of Short's Brewing Company. "So we're just trying to accomodate that and make everyone's experience a lot more enjoyable."

Owners are also happy to keep a historical touch in downtown Bellaire.

"We're just trying to figure out a way to accomodate our growth, and at the same time, we've found an opportunity to, I guess, re-invest, re-habilitate, re-work, downtown Bellaire a little bit," said Short.

At this time, Short's Brewing Company does not have plans to expand the brewing area.

All of the constrcution on the brewpub is expected to be finished for next summer - just in time for their ten year anniversary.