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      Small students show big support for tornado victims

      Students from two northern Michigan elementary schools are stepping up to show support and love for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.

      Sara Bageris' third grade class of 30 students at Central Grade School in Traverse City were busy Tuesday coordinating and kicking off a school-wide penny drive for the tornado victims in Oklahoma. The students spent most of the day decorating dozens of posters to place around the school to promote the drive. They wrote things like "do your part," "every penny counts" and "we need you."

      "I was watching the news last night with my own kids and it touched me that the whole city destroyed and all the teacher taking are of kids getting kids out of buildings the devastation I thought what can we do here in tic what can our school community do... we have a great classroom, so we started right here," says Bageris.

      Central Grade School 's penny drive for the Oklahoma tornado victims will last until May 31st.

      Students at Westwood's Elementary school are also showing they care. The school just wrapped up it's annual "Penny Wars" drive that benefits the Red Cross' Heroes Campaign. This year, the students raised more than $800 dollars and are asking the Red Cross to directly donate that money to help out the Oklahoma tornado victims.

      To hear from the students and to check out the full story, click on the video above.