Small village is drawing up big plans for downtown

A small Northern Michigan community is looking to make some big changes to help bring jobs to the area.

The village of Mesick in Wexford County is working on a master plan. It will guide future decisions about land use, economic development, and alternative energy.

The Northwest Michigan Council of Governments is helping with the process and designed a survey to identify exactly what residents want to see over the next several years.

90% of residents who filled out the survey agreed that the village was in need of economic growth, most were even willing to support manufacturing business. The survey also revealed that the community wants senior housing or an assisted living facility.


he village is also considering having natural gas piped into village homes and businesse

s. The move
could cut energy costs in half. Officials are currently talking with Superior Energy, but they say it's far from a done deal. While 69-percent supported the idea in the survey, residents say they don't want to pay for the $1.6 million dollar investment.

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