Smooth start to the school year

Summer is still in full swing but that doesn't mean parents and students shouldn't start planning for the start of the school year. Part of that planning involves transitioning into a new grade level or even a new school district.

During 7&4 News Today, Melissa Smith spoke with principal at Traverse City West Middle School, Pam Alfieri to talk about ways that parents can start helping students ease into a brand new school year. Alfieri says students should start planning ahead especially when it comes to getting back on track with going to bed early and continuing to read during the summer.

Alfieri also recommends that parents keep open lines of communication so that they're aware of what their students think about their new school surroundings and peers.

Also, Tuesday August 14th, the TCAPS Enrollment Fair is taking place from 3 to 7 p.m. at Traverse City Central High School for all children Pre-K to high School.

Beginning the week of August 20th, TCAPS Middle Schools and High Schools will hold Fall Registration Days. Students are able to pick up their schedules, practice opening their lockers, see where their classes are and more. Both High Schools also have special orientation sessions for freshman. Students from upper classes also serve as mentors for incoming freshman.

For more information on all the Back to School Registration Days and Open Houses, visit the TCAPS website or call the TCAPS main number at: 231-933-1700.