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      Sneak peek of Memorial Medical Center expansion

      Memorial Medical Center in Ludington has completed their renovation and expansion project that added a new emergency department, lobby and expanded the surgery department.

      Tuesday 7&4 News and other media outlets had a chance to tour the new facility.

      "We give very good care and now we have a wonderful environment to deliver very good care in it so it's really nice," said the Emergency Department Clinical Director Ruth Sommerfeldt, RN, CEM.

      Sommerfeldt said she is excited about the unveiling of the new hospital expansion which broke ground June 2012.

      Hospital President and CEO Mark Vipperman said this $14.7 million expansion project was much needed.

      "We had a list of identified needs and part of it was we had grown over the years and our facility hadn't and in a way this is to keep up with some of that growth," said Vipperman.

      This is the largest expansion since the hospital moved to its current location in 1967. The expansion is also bringing back the helipad which will return air ambulance service to the hospital.

      Emergency Department Medical Director William Kokx, DO, FACEP said he is most excited about the new trauma rooms. From the ambulance entrance, trauma patients are just feet away from immediate care.

      "Now that we have this entrance right close by they can just be wheeled directly into this room and we can begin resuscitating or doing anything we can to keep these people alive," said Kokx.

      You'll also find two nurse stations and a new triage room. The new emergency department now has all private rooms for patients.

      "We designed them as universal rooms so you can really do anything in any room, you don't have to move patients to a special room for special procedures," said Sommerfeldt.

      Vipperman said this 41, 260 square foot expansion and renovation will allow the hospital to provide better care to patients in an environment that is also inviting.

      "Part of that is using natural finishes, bringing in a lot of natural light into the space, using artwork as really pleasant distractions and all those things help people feel better and heal quicker," said Vipperman.

      A community open house will be held August 29 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m..

      The new emergency department and main entrance will be open September 4 and the expanded ambulatory surgery and recovery facility will open September 9.

      Find more information about Memorial Medical Center HERE.