Snyder signs Kelsey's Law, banning cell phones for novice drivers

Kelsey Raffaele was killed while driving and on the phone in January, 2010

Today was a victory for Bonnie Raffaele.

Two years after her daughter was killed in a car crash while talking on the phone, Kelsey's Law was signed by Governor Snyder.

The legislation applies to holders of Level 1 licenses, who must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or another licensed driver at least 21 years old, and those with Level 2 licenses, who can drive alone with some limits on hours and carrying young passengers.

It exempts Level 3 drivers, who have full priviledges.

Snyder was joined at the bill signing by family members of Kelsey Raffaele, the 17-year-old from the Upper Peninsula who was killed in a crash while chatting on her cellphone.

Governor Snyder called the legislation "very important."