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      Snyder talks small business, jobs, and education during campaign

      Governor Rick Snyder was in Traverse City Tuesday morning as part of his reelection campaign.

      While he pointed out the positives of his first term, protesters also showed up with their own message.

      "We are the comeback state in the United States," said Gov. Snyder. "And we should be proud of that."

      Alfie, a family owned business in Traverse City that makes logo gear was the host for the campaign. Presidents and CEO of Alfie, Bonnie Alfonso, was among the many business leaders and supporters who were there praising the governor for his impact on small business.

      "We've had 40-percent growth in both sales and in economy which means we have employed seven more people and we continue to see that trend continue," said Alfonso.

      Governor Snyder touched on how far the state has come during his time in office, but also talked about where he wanted the state to go in the future.

      One thing he's hoping to improve is the focus on early childhood education and making Michigan a no-wait state for preschool.

      "It's something that I think is critically important so I appreciate all the support I've gotten," said Gov. Snyder. "To say that we had kids that weren't able to go to preschool because of need...29-thousand kids, think about that."

      Another focus of Gov. Snyder's is to improve the state's awareness and use of technical schools in order to help fill job openings.

      "We need to look at the intermediate school districts, the community colleges and career tech opportunities and we need to encourage kids and their parents to look at those careers," said Gov. Snyder.

      Outside of Alfie came a different message from protestors who say they don't want to see Gov. Snyder get another four years in Lansing.

      "He actually lost, what was it? 19-thousand jobs he exported of his own company," said community member, Timothy Grey. "That's hardly somebody that we should entrust the well being of our state to."

      "I think he's a disaster for this state," said Dennis Bushey. "The nerd is bad for Michigan."

      Gov. Snyder also made stops in Frankenmuth and Farmington Hills on Tuesday afternoon.

      For Governor Snyder's full speech click here.