Spanish students singing their way to success

Ms. Guesno's Spanish class at Grand Traverse Academy prepares for the Foreign Language Day competition

Ms. Guesno's Spanish class at Grand Traverse Academy has been putting in quite a bit of extra time perfecting their Spanish as well as their dancing. The advanced students have been preparing to compete in the Foreign Language day competition at Central Michigan University on April 26 with a big glee-style song and dance number completely in Spanish.

The class has prepared dances, songs, artwork, poems, skits and a big group performance of the Taylor Swift song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" in Spanish. In order to help raise the funds for the $25 it costs for each student to attend the competition, a Spring Craft Fair will be held this Saturday at the Grand Traverse Academy from 10 AM to 4 PM.

In addition to competing in the Foreign Language Day competition, many of the students are also planning on heading to Costa Rica next fall as part of a school trip. Funds raised at the Spring Craft Fair will also go to alleviate the cost of the trip so more students can have the experience.