Special Report: Hidden Treasures

Many of us have something special sitting in our homes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Is it just a family heirloom or something worth a lot of money?

7&4 News brought in our experts, Pete and Holly Dalley, owners of Bay West Antiques to appraise some antiques viewers believe may be valuable.

The first stop is at the home of Kim LaRoque. She has an antique table with six legs that she believes is rare.

Pete Dalley says, "It is probably from around 1925 to 1930. It was a mass produced table. That was the time when we started accessing catalogues from furniture stores."

Turns out the six legs were a common feature in tables starting back to 1890. The big question thought, how much is it worth?

Pete says, "We would sell it in our store for $100-$150."

Not the price tag Kim expected from the family heirloom.

Kim says, "I was a little surprised. I was of course hoping it would be worth more. I will keep it."

Across town the Dalley's are hoping this next appraisal will be music to the ears of Marge Amman. She owns a Hammond Organ.

After some online research, Holly Dalley discovers that the organ is worth about $1195. A valuable instrument at a price Marge says she expected, but what she didn't expect was finding out she had another treasure tucked away in the corner of the room.

Pete says the antique butter churn Marge was using to hold her pet's toys is worth $425 to $800.