St. Patrick's Day feast benefits Leelanau Laundry Program

200 pounds of corned beef were used at the St. Pat's community dinner at the Leland Public School Sunday.

St. Patrick's Day celebrations continued in Leland on Sunday where community members came together for a traditional feast to benefit a good cause.

Hundreds of people flocked into the Leland Public School to enjoy 200 pounds of corned beef, 40 pounds of potatoes, 20 cabbage heads and dozens of deserts; and all the fixings to go along with the Irish meal. Everything was donated by members of the Samaritan's Closet.

Traditional Irish music was played to enhance the mood as people enjoyed their meals. Proceeds from the community dinner are being donated to the non-profit organization, The Leelanau Laundry Program. A program that gives assistance to those who cannot afford to do their laundry, or otherwise require other assistance.

"The Leelanau Laundry Program is entirely funded by donations," says Egan McGlynn, a member of the Samaritan's Closet. "There are no government moneys that support this initiative. It is really a grass roots program. It's neighbors helping neighbors and it's open to anyone who feels they have a need."

The Leelanau Laundry Program has been around since 2004. In 2005 the program expanded into Grand Traverse County.