State re-opens investigation into Wexford Co. animal shelter

The state is re-opening the investigation into allegations of cruel practices at the Wexford Co. animal shelter.

An investigation into allegations of improper euthanization at the Wexford County Animal Shelter has been re-opened today.

Dr. Steve Halstead, the state veterinarian with the Department of Agriculture says a field vet worker visited the animal shelter in Cadillac on February 21.

The investigation included speaking with staff, looking at various records including training details, controlled substances used on animals, and pharmaceutical licenses.

Dr. Halstead says records showed more than 3,000 euthanizations on dogs and cats that date back to April 2007.

He says the numbers were not as low as they would like them to be, but records did show that some form of tranquilizers were used before animals were euthanized.

Dr. Halstead's office tells 7&4 News that the investigation had to be re-opened after they received more information about the shelter.