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      State removes signs from all snowmobile trails

      On December 1st of 2012 the Department of Natural Resources along with the Michigan Snowmobile Assocation removed many trail signs from state trails, that snowmobilers were used to seeing in the past.

      You can never be too careful when operating snowmobiles in the winter weather here in northern Michigan.

      To help you freshen up on your snowmobile safety, 7&4 News met with officials from the Wexford County Sheriffâ??s Office as well as the Michigan Snowmobile Association on Monday.

      There are the obvious tips to remember; don't speed, don't drink and drive, and wear your helmet, ideally one that has a protective glass shield, or wear goggles.

      But there are new changes to remember, on December 1st of 2012, the MSA and the Department of Natural Resources removed many trail signs that snowmobilers were used to seeing.

      The following signs have been eliminated and will be removed from state snowmobile trails:

      • Bridge Ahead
      • Chevron
      • Deer Crossing
      • Drift Area
      • Narrow Bridge
      • Narrow Trail
      • Trail Crossing
      • Truck Traffic
      • Two Way Trail
      • Winding Trail

      Also at the end of 2012, there were some new signs added to the state snowmobile trails.

      New signs added to state snowmobile trails in 2012 include:Combination Horizontal Alignment/Intersection (left and right)Bright yellow signs with directional arrows give notice of changes in horizontal trail alignment of less than 90 degrees where an intersection occurs within or immediately adjacent to a turnPrivate Drives AheadWarn trail users where driveways cross a snowmobile trailOne-Direction Large Arrow (left and right)Large yellow, reflective signs (10 x 12 inches) with a black arrow and border give notice of changes in horizontal trail alignment of 90 degrees or moreNext (number of) MilesA supplemental sign that may be used below â??Private Drives Aheadâ?? sign to indicate how long the stretch of private drives runsTrail Closed to Wheeled Motor Vehicles AheadUsed on state or federal land prior to the point where a designated state snowmobile trail enters private property where the use of wheeled motorized vehicles is prohibitedFor illustrations of the signs that will be used to mark Michiganâ??s snowmobile trails and more information about snowmobiling in Michigan, including trail maps with downloadable GPS coordinates, CLICK HERE.