State Theatre celebrates one millionth ticket sold

Sandro Barros receives a slew of prizes for holding the millionth ticket sold.

The crowd went wild Thursday night when Michigan filmmaker Michael Moore announced the State Theatreâ??s one millionth ticket holder.

Congratulations are in order for Sandro Barros, the lucky winner of a big prize pack, including lifetime passes to the theatre as well as the film festival. Spa treatment, a photography package, and jewelry were also part of the deal.

Before Thursday, Barros had no idea of the State Theatre's millionth customer giveaway. He and his wife spotted Michael Moore in front of the theatre and wanted to meet him.

â??I joked with her and I said, â??no, when we meet Michael Moore, it'll be on my own terms,â?? ya know?â?? said million dollar ticket holder Sandro Barros. â??She wanted a picture, I said no. He's saying hello to everybody.â??

Barros, originally from Brazil, lives in Indiana, but spends six weeks in Traverse City each summer while his wife works at Interlochen Arts Academy. She says the prize couldn't have gone to a better person.

â??He's the biggest film buff that I've ever met. So it's very fitting,â?? said Barrosâ?? wife, Alexis. â??I think it's great! Now he can see as many films as he wants any time we're here.â??

Filmmaker Michael Moore was there to pass out the prizes. Moore spearheaded the renovations of the theatre. The growth has exceeded his expectations.

â??Thousands would come, but millions? I never used that word,â?? said Moore. â??We never would have thought in under six years we would sell a million tickets.â??

Barros says he's a big fan of the film festival and is grateful for another reason to return to Traverse City. â??I don't see another place for me to come over the summer because it has become a family tradition.â??

The couple hasnâ??t had time yet to let the magnitude of the prizes sink in. â??We havenâ??t thought about it. I mean, itâ??s just because it's thrilling to be here under these circumstances. Extraordinary, right?â??

The State Theatre plans on framing the winning ticket.

The film festival kicks off Tuesday, July 30.