Stopping the germs before they spread!

Hospitals, stores, and schools are all taking steps to help prevent this years flu virus from spreading farther than it already has.

The Department of Community health confirmed late Friday afternoon that the number of flu cases in Michigan has risen to 338 for this season.

"Right now, we're just starting to get hit with a large number of people with flu like symptoms, said Dr. Kevin Omilosik. "We;re seeing some crowding in the waiting room. We're seeing some very sick people with it also."

Meijer, in Traverse City is one business trying to keep both employees and customers from getting sick or spreading germs.

They offer cart wipes, at each cart station so that customers can come in and ensure that their cart is sanitary.

Angel Care child care and preschool, take care of up to 44 children, ages ranging from 2 months to 5 years each day. The large number requires them to ensure cleanliness in order to keep the kids healthy, because this years flu strain is especially hard on young children.

"If they were to be ill at home, we ask that they stay at home for anything from flu type symptoms, fever of 100 or more," said Kitty Schechter, an official at Angel Care.

Hand sanitizer and tissues are located all throughout the classrooms.

The children are required to wash their hands before and after lunch, brush their teeth and wash their hands once more before nap time. The teachers at Angel Care say that nap time is also very important to children's health.

Throughout the day and at the end of each night everything is wiped off and sanitized in a bleach and water mixture. Each evening a paid cleaning crew also comes in and does extra cleaning.

Big or small, everyone is trying to avoid what's been going around.