Students react to university abduction

Students are in shock tonight following Wednesday nights abduction of a female student.

"It's definitely a feeling of not really being safe on campus," said CMU sophomore, Clarissa DuMoulin. "I mean I know that technically we need to be in groups but the fact that something like this could happen at CMU is just out of this world."

The university does have a Central Alert System set up to inform students by phone call, text message and email in the event of an emergency like the abduction.

According to CMU, 18-thousand notifications were sent out informing students about last nights events.

"I was in a group of five people when it happened, and I was the only one who got the call," said DuMoulin. "Even though everyone else had received tests and alerts previously from Central. So it didn't make since why I was the only one."

CMU says the system worked correctly and that students who did not receive phone calls or emails were only signed up to receive texting and that last nights alerts were too big to be sent through text messaging.

Despite all of CMU's efforts to keep the college campus safe, students agree that the best thing to do after hearing about Wednesday nights events, is to travel in pairs.