Students remember teacher's legacy

It was an emotional scene at Munson Medical Center Thursday afternoon as nearly 100 people gathered to pay tribute to a very special woman.

42-year-old Jennifer Miles died Thursday morning at Munson,after suffering a series of seizures and mini strokes.

Jennifer was a stage manager in the drama department at Traverse City West and Traverse City Central High Schools, Saint Frances High School, and Old Town Playhouse.

Those that learned from Jennifer, and worked side by side with her say that life on the stage, and people were her passion.

"Everyone, who talked to Jen was just drawn to Jen," said former student, Maikel Rajel Wilson. "She had a very outgoing personality. She wouldn't hesitate to give you a hug back stage if you were having a bad day. She would always console you if something was going wrong and she was just such a great person and a wonderful person to be around. She brought out the best of you."

On Thursday afternoon, just hours after Jennifer's death, family, friends, and students of her's gathered in Munson's chapel to sing a farewell tribute.

Jennifer leaves behind her mother Sue Miles, father Bill Miles, 11 brothers and sisters, 10 of which are adopted, and her niece Natalee.

The family tells 7 & 4 News that Jennifer was also an organ donor. In the year 2012 Munson had only 11 donors in total. Jennifer's organs are being donated to Munson.

If you would also like to register to be an organ donor, you can go to this link.

To see the extended video from the tribute this afternoon, head to: