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      TCAPS gives voters a choice

      Traverse City's Board of Education voted Monday to put two separate bond proposals on the November ballot.

      Board members took the recommendation of the administration and will begin the process of writing those proposals.

      â??I'm confident that what we proved tonight will pass by the voters,â?? said TCAPS School Board President Kelly Hall.

      â??When we gathered the information between December and May one of the really consistent themes was to make the auditorium at Central High School a separate ballot issue,â?? said Steve Cousins, T-CAPS Superintendent.

      The first bond proposal would generate 35.2 million dollars nd will cover several projects including renovation updates in three elementary schools and a robotics center at West Senior High School.

      To get an idea how much these proposals will cost homeowners - on a $200,000 home the main proposal would cost $20 per year.

      The Central High School auditorium bond would cost homeowners $9 per year. Administrators are looking to raise $12.9 million to cover the costs of re-constructing the auditorium.

      Board members are thankful for the support from the community.

      â??They have over the years... supported our schools especially bond proposals and I think what we did now is a reflection of what the community will support in November, said Hall.

      It's now the responsibility of the school administration and board to educate the public on the details of each ballot.