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      Teacher suspended after pushing kindergarten student

      A teacher in northwest Ohio has been suspended after surveillance video surfaced of her pushing a kindergarten student.

      Barb Williams, the teacher shown in the video, was put on a 10-day, unpaid suspension. The Riverdale Local School District tells WNWO Williams is a 14-year veteran teacher with no past issues.

      "A lot of people request her for kindergarten," said Superintendent Eric Hoffman. "She's on the list sometimes, parents say they like to have this teacher. In the past, she always was requested at a very high rate."

      But Anthony Nelson, the father of the boy in the video, says the 10-day suspension is "not good enough."

      "A bully is a bully and it should be treated the same way," Nelson told WNWO. "Zero tolerance should mean zero tolerance to a teacher or a student."

      The local sheriff's office has a copy of the video and is in the process of reviewing it before they send it to the prosecutor's office to determine if charges should be filed.

      Williams has declined to comment on the case.