Tech Matters: Finding a tablet device that fits all your needs

Tim Gillen from Terrapin Networks gives insight into Technical Matters every other Friday on 7&4 News Today.

Technology expert Tim Gillen with Terrapin Networks in Traverse City is sitting down with 7&4 News Today to explain more about our favorite gadgets. "Tech Matters" is twice a month on Fridays, tune in to make sure you stay in the know when it comes to technology.

Many people struggle with finding a device that works for them when it comes to desktop, laptops and tablets. Gillen explains products that are great hybrids for students and professionals alike. One of these is the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, a cross between a laptop and a tablet.

Gillen showcases the tablets flexibility and multitude of options; it functions as a laptop, tablet, presentation tool and more while being light enough to carry around easily.

This particular product comes in two sizes and varies in price from $400 to $2,000. See the full video for more information and catch Tim every other Friday on 7&4 News Today.

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