Tech Matters: Picking a password for personal protection

Tim Gillen from Terrapin Networks explains the importance of having secure online passwords.

Technology expert Tim Gillen with Terrapin Networks in Traverse City is sitting down with 7&4 News Today to explain more about our favorite gadgets. "Tech Matters" is twice a month on Fridays, tune in to make sure you stay in the know when it comes to technology.

Today Gillen explains the importance of having a secure online password and how to create one. Lately hackers are using all sorts of tactics to access your online accounts so make it harder for them with a difficult password.

Gillen says the best passwords are long and complex. He also suggests using a password manager like and to help you keep track of your passwords.

On the list of things not to do for your password, common things like your dog's name, street you live on or anything that is too easily tracked or that someone might guess. See the full interview for more tips.