Teen warms heads and hearts with crocheted hats

â??I thought wow, wouldn't it be cool to help other cancer patients kind of bring some happiness into the horrible time they're going through?â?? Mancelona senior Kayla Moore is crocheting hats in her spare time for people undergoing cancer treatment.

One northern Michigan student has been putting her snow day free time to good use. Mancelona Senior Kayla Moore is crocheting hats for cancer patients. Over the last five snow days, Kayla has made 19 hats.

It all started when Kayla decided to crochet a hat for her aunt who had just finished treatment for cancer and had lost her hair.

â??When she opened it from the package I could just see her smile and she ran over and gave me a huge hug. You could tell it really hit the spot,â?? Kayla said.

The 17-year-old learned how to crochet five years ago from her grandmother.

â??She taught me how to crochet. After she passed away, I got out of the habit,â?? explained Kayla.

At Christmas, that changed. Kayla first crocheted a hat for her aunt battling breast cancer. After seeing how happy the hat made her aunt, she kept right on going. She used her own money from a summer job to buy the supplies.

â??I asked her what she was going to do with all these hats,â?? her mother Joanie Moore said. â??She was having fun trying different patterns and colors. One day she said it would be a good idea to contact local cancer agencies.â??

So she did. The orders are coming in. Kayla crochets whenever she has free time.

â??I'm making hats right now for Otsego, Munson, [the University of Michigan] cancer centers and I have five different phone calls into cancer centers throughout Michigan that all seem pretty interested in the project I'm doing,â?? said Kayla.

So do her fingers ever get sore from the constant crocheting? â??Yeah, but then I just think about what I'm doing and the happiness that it's going to bring to people.â??

More people are joining Kayla's cause. She's even going to teach a couple people how to crochet.

She posts pictures for her aunt of the hats she makes and the response she's gotten is overwhelming.

â??Other people saw them and they were liking it and encouraging her to continue making more and offering to give yarn,â?? said Moore.

So far, more than 50 rolls of yarn have been donated.

If you want to help Kayla, you can drop of donations at the family's business: Moore Plumbing and Heating in Mancelona.

Kayla is currently working with the University of Michigan for a Valentineâ??s Day project. She hopes to make 100 hats in the next 14 days to go into the cancer center's love packages.

â??With the help of the community and friends and family, we can all put in some work and get it done in time,â?? Kayla said.