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      There's a mousse loose in Phil's kitchen!

      We're cooking with chef Phil Murray from Phil's on front in Traverse City.

      "This takes like two minutes to make, " says Phil.

      Phil is helping you create some of his favorite dishes in your own kitchen every week on UpNorthLive Tonight on ABC 29&8.

      This week Phil is sharing his Chocolate Mousse recipe:


      6 oz. Bittersweet chocolate

      1.5 Cups whole cream

      Cooking Directions:

      Melt bittersweet chocolate over double boiler and set aside after melted. In a cold bowl, whip cream by hand.

      "Most of you prefer a mixer," says Phil. "I prefer to use a whip because it builds the biceps."

      Continue to whip until stiff peaks. Fold into chocolate, place in bowls and serve.

      "I prefer to get a big spoon and watch 'MacGyver,'" says Phil. "It's a lot of fun."

      If you can't wait until next week for a new recipe, head toPhils On Front in downtown Traverse City. Phil's on Front is located at 236 East Front Street.