Things that go bite in the night!

This week's House Call might make you a little itchy or squirmy, but the folks at the Traverse Area Pediatric & Adolescent Clinic have some great tips so you can find relief from those pesky bug bites this Summer!

Dr. Karla Smith suggests avoiding perfumes and bright, flowery prints to avoid bug bites, especially bee stings. Insect repellent is also recommended.

"We recommend parents use insect repellent containing 10% deet or less," said Dr. Smith.

Should parents keep an epipen handy?

"Epipens are indicated for systemic reactions that include hives, facial swelling, trouble swallowing and trouble breathing, but not for localized reactions," said Dr. Smith. " There are children who have large or long lasting local reactions even to mosquito bites. Therapeutic options do exist for those children as well."

When should parents call their doctor?

"When you notice hives, trouble swallowing or breathing, and itchy mouth," said Dr. Smith.

For more information on bug bites and stings, click the video above.

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