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      Thousands crowd Traverse City for jam-packed week

      Whether you live in the Traverse City area or are just visiting, youâ??ve probably noticed the heavy traffic coming in for the holiday weekend that is filled with events.

      People from all over the country have been making their way in for the National Cherry Festival, Blue Angels airshow, Horse Shows By the Bay, and the Fourth of July.

      Representatives for the National Cherry Festival are estimating that there will be well over half a million people in Grand Traverse County over the next week.

      The large numbers of people have created heavy street traffic, crowded sidewalks, beaches and restaurants.

      â??Be patient, be polite, relax, realize that that famous laid back Traverse City personality that weâ??re supposed to have will be in big demand this week,â?? said Traverse City Tourism media relations manager, Mike Norton.â??

      Restaurants are estimating that some dinner wait times could be anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes long. If restaurants accept reservations, managers suggest that customers make theirs one to two days in advance.

      According to Traverse City Tourism, as of Thursday morning only six hotels had a few vacant rooms still available.