'Tis the season for porcupines

With the warmer weather approaching that means wild animals like porcupines are out and about and that means pet owners should be on alert. During Pet Talk with Dr. Jen Klabunde, we talked about the dangers that these animals can pose to your pets and how you can treat the situation if your dog or cat encounters a porcupine.

To see the complete interview check out the video clip above. Also, Dr. Klabunde is currently taking care of a 13-year old calico cat named "Cookie" who is up for adoption. Dr. Klabunde says "Cookie" is extremely calm and affectionate and is looking for a loving home where someone can devote their time to her.

If you are interested in being the new owner of this very laid back cat, you can contact Dr. Klabunde by clicking here. "Cookie" is currently being housed at Northwood Animal Hospital.