Traverse City leaders focus on park plans

Traverse City Commissioners will learn more about city park improvements Monday night.

Traverse City Commissioners will learn more about city park improvements Monday night.


Traverse City Commission

will be discussing its

2013/2014 Fiscal year budget

at its meeting. The focus of discussion this week revolves around neighborhood park projects on the Capital Improvements Plan.

Below is the projected costs of several proposed park projects put together by Lauren Vaughn, Superintendent of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Clancy Park Phase One: $40,000

Add asphalt walking trail around perimeter of park.

Clancy Park Phase Two: $30,000

Replace old playground equipment and add natural playscape features.

Hannah Park: $40,000

Install irrigation and add grass to help with erosion.

Pave the trail that follows the old railroad bed from Union to Wadsworth Street.

Ashton Park: $15,000

Replace playground equipment that is 50-60 years old.

Rose and Boyd Park (Triangle Park): $10,000

Add small sitting shelter, sidewalks, benches and general landscaping improvements.

Boon Street Park: $10,000

Replace old playground equipment.

Indian Woods Park: $20,000

Replace old playground equipment.

Lay Park: $130,000

Change character of park into more formal urban park feel.

A brick plaza with raised planters and masonry seating wall would be built.

Concrete sidewalks, wrought iron fencing, new site furniture and lighting would also be added to the park.

Some of the projects planned for waterfront parks include putting in retaining walls and plantings at Sunset and Bryant Parks.

Projects for Hickory Hills includes a new pole barn to store all snowmaking and grooming equipment. The largest Hickory Hills project would replace the 1950's lodge with a structure that would allow year round rentals for group functions.

The Traverse City Commission meeting will begin Monday at 7pm.