Traverse City lights it up blue for autism

Luminaries lit up a puzzle piece for the Light it Up Blue for autism event in Traverse City

Tuesday night, people in Traverse City joined with folks all around the world to Light it Up Blue for autism. This is the first year Traverse City hosted the event to kick off Autism Awareness Month.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just upped the numbers, saying one in every 50 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

"When we have that many children being diagnosed, to know that autism is the least federally funded research program out there, we need to get awareness out there and recognize that these are children who need love and support of an entire community to get them what they need in the classroom," said volunteer Kate Daggett.

Brandy Wheeler, who organized the event in Traverse City says, "I seem to find that when I talk to people, everyone knows someone, whether it's family, friend, neighbor, or they know someone they suspect is on the spectrum and that's part of the awareness factor."

At the end of the night, everyone marched from downtown to the Open Space to form a puzzle piece, which is the symbol of autism awareness.

To watch the entire live interview with Brandy Wheeler click here.