Traverse City looks into a new model for community progress

Local leaders met today to discuss what they call a "model for progress."

It's designed to bring members of different organizations together to solve community issues.

Organizers say the model - called "Collective Impact" - goes beyond just getting together and talking and sharing ideas... it focuses on how local organizations can take a simple solution and use it to solve a very complex problem.

Around 150 people came today representing organizations for education, natural resources, arts, and health.

"When you think about long-term things like homelessness - just finding shelter for folks is only the beginning," said Marsha Smith, the Executive Director of Rotary Charities, a sponsor of the event. "There's a whole other set of systematic kind of conditions that have to be addressed. So this gives us a framework to think about that, and to help people organize around that long-term objective of ending homelessness."

The session also featured speakers from Grand Rapids and San Francisco to discuss how well the model worked for their towns.