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      Traverse City native finds birth mother through Facebook

      A Utah woman who was born in Traverse City 42 years ago turned to social media to find her birth mother. After only two weeks, the woman reported that her search came to a happy ending.

      In 1992, Jennifer Fernald went through the proper channels allowed by law to find her birth mother, but the private investigator on the case came up empty.

      On October 20, 2013 Fernald decided to ask for help on Facebook by posting a picture of herself holding a poster with her story. A viewer saw the story posted that week and contacted UpNorthLive saying that they thought they knew who Fernald's birth mother was. UpNorthLive put the two in touch.

      "He had a feeling he knew who my birth mother was and he pointed me in the right direction of West Virginia," said Fernald.

      Fernald posted another picture on Facebook on October 26 with the new information that she received. Fernald says that both of her pictures combined received more than 80-thousand Facebook shares from all over the country.

      "I was so moved by the willingness of people, total strangers, to help me," said Fernald.

      On November 6, Fernald posted the happy news that she had found her birth mother, and thanked everyone who had helped her on her journey.

      "I'll just be going about my day and all of a sudden I'll remember, I know who my birth mother is," said Fernald. And I'll just be so happy because it was something that I never dreamed would ever happen."

      Fernald says that she and her birth mother have been writing letters to each other since the discovery. Fernald hopes that they will have a chance to meet face-to-face one day soon.