Traverse City pilot offers chance to join "mile high club"

A Traverse City pilot is offering air-passengers an opportunity to gain membership into an intimate, aerial club. Scott Conaway says he has come up with a safe and private way for passengers to join the "mile-high club."

"It could be just a quiet romantic flight and what happens up there happens up there..."

Itâ??s the simple approach to 45 year-old pilot Scott Conaway's intimate business called Mile High Traverse City, something he calls an exclusive, aerial club. Conaway says, "Iâ??m sure people have a lot of opinions on the mile high club and I'm not sure what all of them are... the trick here is Iâ??m trying to do it safe and I'm trying to do it fun in a way your not going to et arrested on an airline or get in a lot of trouble."

For years, Conaway has offered scenic air tours on his Piper Cherokee Six Aircraft and he says this most recent venture actually started as a joke. He explains, "I had always wanted to join a â??mile high clubâ?? as a pilot and I was joking about it. So I did a search on it online and found there's actually quite a few people who offer this service and to be honest I called one... but they didn't return my calls. So I went one step further, and found a way to start myself..."

And so, Mile High Traverse City was born and has been providing clients an inmate, private setting, thousands of feet in the air, for almost a year now. Conaway says, "If I really got to pick my target customer it would be happily married couple, that's looking for a really different anniversary. If your tying to out-do your husband for something, I bet you could beat him by a mile, ha-ha."

Conaway removed the rear seats of the plane and added a bed complete with red sheets. A privacy curtain separates the cockpit from the passenger area. He'll even make sure there are chocolates, flowers or other romantic treats available on board. But Conaway says he wants to make one thing extremely clear, "One thing I want to stress completely is discretion. We have a privacy curtain that spans side to side on airplane and its complete light blocking. And I have noise-canceling head-set on, you canâ??t hear anything."

A one-hour flight starts at $390 and clients walk away with a certificate of membership to commemorate the event. Conaway says he understands and respects the fact that Mile High Traverse City may not be for everyone. He says, "I would never push it on anyone and I appreciate anyone who even takes time to read about it or look at the webpage."

If you want to check out the Mile High Traverse City webpage, click here.

And today's YouTube Extra is a tour of the Mile High T.C. plane, click here to view it.