Traverse City teachers picket latest contract proposal

TCAPS proposes a salary freeze with teachers in their latest contract proposal.

The school year is winding down, but contract negotiations between Traverse City Area Public School Administrators and teachers are heating up. TCAPS teachers are currently working under a contract that is set to expire on August 31st. Both sides have met 5 times this year and each have exchanged proposals.

The latest proposal from TCAPS didn't sit well with some of the teachers who protested outside of the Boardman Avenue administration offices Monday afternoon. Approximately 30 of the teachers carried signs to show their displeasure with the latest offering. TCAPS proposed a 1 year contract with a salary freeze. The district faces a 1.3 million dollar deficit according to Chris Davis, TCAPS Executive Director of Human Resources. She tells 7&4 News that salaries and benefits appear to the be main negotiating points at this time.