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      Traverse City Triathlon tests the determination of hundreds

      Hundreds of people put their physical endurance to the test this weekend by biking, running, and swimming their way to the finish line for the 5th annual Traverse City Triathlon.

      The 400 racers from more than 20 states were able to choose from a 30-mile long Olympic race or a 15-mile sprint race. The athletes took to the water at Bowers Harbor in West Grand Traverse Bay for the start of the race and then toweled off and strapped on their helmets for the cycling portion. They then hit the pavement by foot and ran to the finish line at Peninsula Park.

      "It's interesting, you have the runners who converted over to a triathlon and you've got a bunch of swimmers who tend to do really well in the triathlon," said race co-director, Eric Houghton. "Once you master the swimming you can do quite well."

      The first man across the finish line was Timothy Maday, from Grand Rapids, who finished in just over 1 hour and was competing in the sprint triathlon. Maday has competed in triathlons for the last five years and says that being mentally focused during the race is key.

      "You know you're just sticking to it and you know, just to the next hill, just to the next mile, and then at some point you'll enjoy it, especially at the end," said Maday.

      The first woman across the finish line was Sara Randolph, from Sturgis, who also competed in the sprint triathlon.

      "For me I just try to catch the person in front of me," said Randolph. "Whether their doing my distance or not. Male or female. That's kind of how I push myself. Just try to catch the next person in front of me."

      Aaron Bachman placed first for the men's Olympic triathlon, and Jamie Chapman placed first for the women's.

      For a complete list of the race results, click here.