Traverse City Veterans Affairs honored

We can never thank our veterans enough - but Thursday we could thank those that help them when they arrive home.

The local chapter of Veterans For Peace presented a plaque to the Traverse City Veterans Affairs office Thursday, thanking them for all of their service to our community.

It's the first time the award has been given out to anyone in the country.

Representatives said they wanted to recognize this particular branch for all that they do for veterans, especially since they serve such a large area of northern Michigan.

"Too often they get negative publicity about the work that they do-some veterans have to wait years for their services," said Tim Keenan, the Veterans For Peace Chapter 50 President. "I can tell you we need to recognize that Chuck, here, and his staff have been just, just been exemplary to not only myself personally but many veterans I know and their families. So, we needed to give them their just due."

The Veterans For Peace organization is always accepting new members - they meet every third Saturday at Horizon Books.