Traverse City West High School does heavy lifting

Traverse City West hosts the 2013 State Power Lifting Championships on Saturday

More than 600 students got an intense workout today while putting their strength and muscles to the test!

It was the 2013 Michigan High School Power Lifting State Championships, hosted by Traverse City West High School. Nearly 2,000 spectators showed up to watch the high school ladies and gentleman from across the state lift hundreds of pounds of weight and compete against one another.

This was the first time that Traverse City West High School was chosen to host the state meet. It was also the first time the competition was held north of Grand Rapids. Organizers tell 7&4 News that they have been trying to host the event for the last five years.

"We wanted to get it up here for a couple reasons, one to promote the sport," said Traverse City West High School power lifting coach, Time Wooer. "Northern Michigan is a little behind the game compared to other parts of the state for power lifting. But we also wanted to get it here for our kids. Have our kids see the best athletes in the state of Michigan"

Money collected from the competition will go to the athletic program at Traverse City West High School and a large chunk will be used to update the weight room equipment.