Traverse City wind turbine may be coming down

When it was installed in 1996, the Traverse City Light and Power wind turbine at M-72 and Bugai Road was the first utility turbine in the United States - but it may be coming down.

Officials say the technology of the turbines has changed, and this one is no longer efficient.

Multiple parts have now failed on the turbine. After putting over $100,00 into it last year, the turbine would now need at least another $10,000 in repairs to work again.

The thought of replacing the wind turbine with one of the new models has been discussed, but Elmwood Twp has a height restriction and the newer turbines are about twice as tall as the existing one.

TCLP will wait about a month to see if there's interest from a buyer or salvage company - if they can't sell it, the turbine will come down and the metal will be sold.