Uncertain Future for Charlevoix Fireplace

Hundreds of concerned citizens packed Charlevoix's city hall. Some were even watching from the hallway, all waiting to see if work will continue on a 20 foot community fireplace in east park near the busiest road in the city.

"We are going to postpone a decision on what to do with the fireplace until I know that we have the former architect the buildings in the park and fall season try to come up with a different design that might be more applicable for all shorter design possibly maybe a different location we're looking over options," Mayor Norman Carlson Jr. said.

It will be two months until there will be options available for consideration. For now, what has been built will stay in the park until a plan is set in stone. Some citizens took to the podium tonight to express their concerns about the location and its value to the community.

"The most important part is keeping the United States are cities green and the chimney is not even going to be anything useful it's just going to be an eyesore," resident Linda Tezak said.

City leaders say it would cost more than 19 thousand dollars to get rid of the fireplace and pay back the person who donated the money to pay for it. It would cost 13 thousand to move it. The council says it won't have enough information to make a decision until late November.

"They've done the right thing , they've stepped back and are considering all options at this time," resident Terrill Chip Jr. said.

"I think it was a very productive meeting. It was nice to see the community come together and as I said if this is our biggest issue is a fireplace that's being payed for by someone else, or the color of a lighthouse then we are not in bad shape," Carlson Jr. said.