UpNorthLive Book Club: Murder at the Cherry Festival

Everyone loves a good book and now you can enjoy reading along with other UpNorthLive fans!

Each month we will choose a book for our UpNorthLive Book Club. We will also choose a fellow bookworm (could it be you?) to come on UpNorthLive Tonight to discuss the book with us! So pick up this month's book, sit back and indulge your imagination!

For July we chose "Murder at the Cherry Festival" by Richard L. Baldwin.

About the book:
Tom McNutt, a wealthy owner of the Northernmost Winery on the Old Mission Peninsula, north of Traverse City, Michigan, and the Grand Marshal of the Cherry Festival Parade is shot in the Parade set-up area. The community is stunned, but the parade and the festival continue.

Lou Searing and Jack Kelly are invited to work with the Traverse City Police to solve the crime. A number of suspects are identified and the investigation ensues. Murder at the Cherry Festival delivers another mystery with Baldwin's trademarks:

interesting characters, exciting scenes including a significant threat on Lou's life. As always, Justice prevails.

Special thanks to Horizon Books for helping us choose the perfect book for our club! You can pick up your own copy of "Murder at the Cherry Festival" at Horizon Books!

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