UpNorthLive ReVibe: Restore, then destroy?

In this week's Upnorthlive ReVibe, it's part 2 of our crew's shabby shed restoration! They are showing us how to ReVibe a storage shed to be as attractive as it is functional!

Designer Denine Dingeman shares her inspiration and teaches you to affordably style with ease! She's teaming up with Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration.

DESIGNER DENINE'S ADVICE OF THE DAY: "Just because it's an outbuilding, doesn't mean a shed should lose its curb appeal. Create a distinctive personality of any storage building or shed by giving it its own theme, or simply follow the design and color scheme of your own home to carry the charm over to the rest of your property."

DAN'S TRICK OF THE DAY: "For the outside of the shed siding I used a self-priming paint called "Timeless" from Northwood Paint & Supply. It's GREAT for old weathered wood, and the process saves time by being a primer and paint in one easy step for full coverage."

DAN'S TRICKS OF THE TRADE to paint shed exterior walls:

1. Make sure you get expert suggestion for specific, affordable tools. Take photos of your project and the materials involved and share your photos with your local home improvement experts like your friends at Northwood Paint & Supply.

2. Before painting, test wood by using a moisture meter. For paint to best adhere, you need to have the correct moisture level content in the wood prior to painting. The moisture meter will tell you this, and moisture meters are an affordable tool that you'll use time and time again for any outdoor project. Northwood Paint & Supply or any home improvement store will carry moisture meters.

3. Scrape and remove any loose or peeling paint and repair any holes or damaged areas to ensure clean coverage and a sturdy exterior surface.

4. Choose a nappy paint roller for textured wood surfaces, Dan loves the Wooster mini roller with a ½ inch roller cover on it for these types of applications. Again, the tools make all the difference in the application of the right paint on your surfaces. Share your project with staff at your favorite home improvement store, and they will help you pick out the right tools for the job.

5. Paint using "Timeless" for exterior wood surfaces, and you'll prime and paint in one fast and easy step!

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