Use your coaster on this Steampunk coffee table!

In this week's Upnorthlive ReVibe, we're looking back into history through vintage goggles as we celebrate "Steampunk" style. If you've just begun to experiment with Steampunk trends, think of Victorian science fiction for some inspiration.

Denine Dingeman, designer at Charitable Resale, and Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration, are revamping an old furniture cart into a piece of visual majesty.

"Further explore Steampunk as a hot style trend, since it's easier than you think to discover workable pieces that relate to Steampunk's Victorian, mechanical, and industrial edginess," said Denine. "A metal table with industrial roots and discoloration can provide as much authentic Steampunk attitude as a wood furniture cart with rusty wheels."

Steps to ReVibe an industrial piece for functional Steampunk style in any living area:

1. Determine the look you want: A big part of Steampunk is its texture and authenticity. Determine how that best fits with your current style. Will this be a focal piece or blend in?

Designer Denine's advice of the day: "Don't be afraid to put a Steampunk table front and center into a traditional living space. The styles can totally work together if there's something that connects them with your personality and smart design."

2. Plan how your table is most functional: Determine what should be improved. Sanding wood and metal parts may be more important for a cocktail table in front of a sofa versus a side table out of the traffic flow. Next, get sanding and finishing supplies together and use advice from your local paint or hardware store, like Northwood Paint, to fulfill your checklist.

Dan's Trick of the day: "Steampunk style in old wooden pieces means you'll need sanding tools and likely some type of protective finish for the wood that will protect the wood, create the effect you want and also protect you by reducing any splintering or sharp edges. Steampunk can ultimately be really cool when it's rough and authentic looking, but furnishings need to feel solid and safe."

3. Sand, clean, finish: Use proper tools to sand, clean and apply finish or paint. Don't skip a step and apply finish before removing all sanding and dust particles if you're looking for a professional looking, finished surface.

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