Veteran skier prepares for 28th Vasa after lung cancer diagnosis

Nothing will stop John Bruder from skiing. The North American Vasa is having its Festival of Races this weekend at Timber Ridge Resort and Bruder is going to be a part of it despite the challenges of dealing with lung cancer.

Two years ago after skiing early one morning, Bruder felt extreme shortness of breath and decided to see a doctor. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2010 and underwent several medical treatments including having part of one of his lungs removed.

Bruder, 66, has a lifelong love of skiing and has participated in 27 Vasa races. Due to his cancer treatment he was unable to participate in the two previous years. This year however, Bruder will ski in his 28th Vasa.

For the past few weeks, Bruder has consistently inspired those around him by continuing to visit the Vasa Trail system to ski 10-15 km. Bruder must also use portable oxygen tanks- going through 1-2 tanks per ski.

Bruder recently finished his final round of radiation treatment and according to friends, Bruder has chosen to focus on his favorite things. On that list of favorites, skiing tops the list.

On Saturday the Vasa is hosting a "Ski with John" 12k. You can join "Team JB" and beginners or experienced skiers are encouraged to join.

Registration is available at and information about all Vasa races is available at