Veterans honor International Day of Peace

Dozens of community members and veterans gathered on Saturday to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

In 1981 the day was established by the United Nations and is celebrated on September 21st each year. The Northern Michigan Chapter 50 Veterans for Peace gathered to celebrate the event in Traverse City with different activities including putting up a Peace Pole in Hannah Park.

The Peace Pole contains the words, "May Peace Prevail on Earth," in multiple languages. Organizers say the day of peace serves as an opportunity for people to commit to working for peace and justice in their own lives, and bringing peace in the world, and that the pole serves as one more reminder.

"Just serves as a reminder to people when they see it," said veteran, Will Jahn. "Perhaps they'll take a few seconds to think about it."

Veterans for Peace donated the Peace Pole. In 2012 one was also placed near the entrance of the Open Space.