Vogue Theatre reopens in Manistee

The Vogue Theatre reopened in downtown Manistee Saturday.

After years of waiting, the Vogue Theatre in downtown Manistee reopened to the public Saturday morning.

The Manistee community celebrated the event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and marquee lighting. Large crowds showed up for the event and stuck around to watch holiday movies.

The theatre showed holiday movies for free all day, with the first screening selling out.

Theatre manager Travis Alden believes that the Vogue Theatre returning to Manistee is significant and symbolic for the city.

"When the next project comes along that can't be done, we'll be able to say 'Look, we couldn't do the Vogue either, and we did.' And I think that's important for a community going in the right direction that Manistee is," Alden said.

The Vogue's first major feature film screening is "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."