Volunteers still needed for ''Day of Caring''

Day of Caring 2012

For the 18th year, the United Way is trying to tackle dozens of projects in one day - and they need your help.

Set-up began Wednesday for the Day of Caring - a day where about 80 teams take on around 100 projects all across a five county area in northern Michigan.

The day begins at 7:30am with a pancake breakfast in the Open Space. They will also have a hot dog lunch there later.

Organizers say they're expecting around three hundred people for breakfast. The Coast Guard, local fire and police station representatives will be there, and the United Way's grants for this year will also be announced.

Teams are made up of 2-50 people that head out to their designated project sites, most working a 2-3hr work shift.

From landscaping and cleaning to bridge repair and ramp building - organizers say there's something everyone of any age and size can help with.

"I think I'm speaking to the choir when we're talking to the residents of northwest Michigan," said Susan McQuaid, the Director of the Volunteer Center at the United Way of NW Michigan. "As far as volunteerism is concerned, this community is outstanding-when there's a need, they step up to the plate. And they've been doing that for 18 years. The excitement builds, the team building is so wonderful, not only that it's just the pride in their community and being able to help out."

Organizers want to stress that many of the projects are on-going - so even if you can't help Thursday you can still volunteer later on.